[MPlayer-dev-eng] rgselk's .rm patch

陆然 hephooey at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 8 02:08:39 CET 2003


On Sunday 07 December 2003 23:19, Arpi wrote:
> hmm, how is this patch related/differ from LR's real_media_seek_V6.diff
> patch, which was already commited to cvs?

My patch is just "fixed" the seeking function, send a keyframe after seek to 
avoid the codec panic. it still need index either read from the file or 
generated by mplayer itself to seek. The main improve in this patch however 
is that it generates index while playing the movie by seeking for the next 
keyframe. So it can seek in those rm files which have no index and mplayer 
failed to generate a index for it.

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