[MPlayer-dev-eng] Design questions

Gabucino gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Mon Dec 8 09:51:16 CET 2003

Marcus Thiesen wrote:
> (like "keep output open") or default behavior to do the stuff required for 

> his cache. For slow lines (i.e. WLAN) where you have to wait a long time for 
> 16M of Cache it is somehow strange to not load something for a while (i.e the 
Be resourceful, like using mencoder to copy those two (AVI - for MPEG you
don't even need mencoder) files together runtime, with a named pipe as output.
Then cat the pipe into mplayer. (I also watch films on wlan, but I admit I
don't use this method, the pause doesn't bother me..)

> The second thing I couldn't really figure out is constant cache. Caching does 
> depend on so many things (i.e. bit rate of the video, length, line speed) and 
No, it's just a simple read-ahead buffer, reading anything. The cache layer
is much before the demuxer layer, and it's better that way.
Try mplayer /dev/urandom -cache 65535

MPlayer Core Team
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