[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] dump output format in mencoder

danny guru at digitalfantasy.it
Mon Dec 8 15:34:31 CET 2003

Alle 14:24, lunedì 8 dicembre 2003, Alex Beregszaszi ha scritto:
> Hi,
> > Any comments on this patch ?
> The demux_avi.c part is just cosmetics.
	Sorry, this part is a mistake. I start to write the patch without the 
intention to send it to the list, just (in the beginning) to see how it work 
all the encoding process (i would like to put something like EDL in mencoder 
to eliminate commercial from captured mpeg) and i start to modify muxer_avi.c 
(to avoid header information and so on) only to see if mplex get the stream 
in a correct way. 

	After half an hour i got the stream ok so i reverse back the modification of 
demux_avi.c (making the mistake, it's better just copy the original file) and 
start with a new file, muxer_dump.c, copied from muxer_avi.c (there are all 
the include of the original file, even if they are not needed).

	As I said in the original post i don't like the way is done (if you want to 
use, for examples, two audio track you can't) but i like this feature.

	I send the patch to the list to have some comments for a better way to do 
this job, for examples should be better put the file descriptor in the 
muxer_stream_t struct (if is NULL -> use the one from the muxer_t) or select 
the output filename separated by colon (so you got something like

	mencoder .... -of dump -o capt.m2v,capt.ac3


	mencoder ... -of dump -o capt.m2v,capt.eng,capt.it

) but this requires a better understanting of the whole mencoder and of the 
unix / linux way of doing things (as i said in another mail i come from other 
(un)operating system and i'm learning new way of programming).

> I don't see much sense in this.. there were such patches for mplayer
> too.
	Is to avoid to have a patched mplayer (that don't write the packet size of 
every block) and to have to call it twice (in the beginning was once mplayer 
to have the video stream and once ffmpeg to convert from PCM to ac3) to have 
the stream to feed to mplex one of the reason i done the patch (the other was 
to understand better mencoder).
	I actually use it in the encoding part of the DVD so i would like to have it 
integrated in the mencoder source, this may be useful even to other person 
that makes DVD or SVCD or other formats (if you have the 'clean' stream you 
can write your own muxer program).

> We should write mdump for this :D

		Daniele Forghieri

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