[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Radeon 9600 Pro vidix support

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sat Dec 20 09:20:37 CET 2003

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003, Jonas Jensen wrote:

JJ>> No. Well, if you don't need opengl, that's true, you can sacrifice 8M.
JJ>> But the problem is, it doesn't work. I haven't tested it with current
JJ>> card & driver, but with my old 8500 and 2.5.1 or 2.9.12 drivers my
JJ>> computer hung up hard instantly on launch of mplayer or any opengl app
JJ>> when limiting video memory. I believe it worked a very long time ago and
JJ>> it works on matrox, but not in this case. Well, it was a dirty solution
JJ>> anyway. That patch is a hack too, but at least it works without problems
JJ>> or limitations.
JJ>I don't see what you mean by limiting video memory. I can't say I
JJ>fully understand vidix, but the way I read it it simply tries to
JJ>place its buffer at the highest possible address in video memory,
JJ>because there will be the least chance of stepping on another
JJ>application's (X's) memory.

Don't know it it works now, but the problem you described with yuy2
existed with common yv12 as well. There was advice in documentation for
matrox and radeon card owners: you should limit video memory in
XF86Config and set there your "video memory - 4M" or about it with
VideoRam parameter. In that case, last 4M won't be used by driver, and
vidix will reside there. But later, there was a problem with this advice
when using newest radeons and fglrx drivers. Without limiting memory it
displayed garbage, with limiting it doesn't worked at all. That's where
that patch kicked in: changing dga address, and no need to limit video

JJ>The patch moves the address down by 8MB, increasing the likehood of
JJ>corrupting X's cached pixmaps, but I don't see how that can crash
JJ>anything. If that crashes, playing a 1600x1200 4:2:2 movie with double
JJ>buffering (which would also take about 8MB) should crash your computer
JJ>too, right?

No, that patch is great and works and so on ;) Problems are when trying
to get working vidix without that patch (or before its existence).

JJ>On my laptop's 4MB mach64 card I often step on X's cached pixmaps, or
JJ>even X's display itself, but that only causes graphics corruption, not

Yes. But limiting video memory will work for you, since there are no
problems with mach64 and you aren't using fglrx driver - but you got
only 4m of it, and you don't want to limit it to 2m, right? But that's
just your case.



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