[MPlayer-dev-eng] deterministic builds

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sat Dec 20 20:32:19 CET 2003

* Joey Parrish <joey at nicewarrior.org> [2003-12-19 21:11:19 -0600]:

> > * some common automake parameters like --sysconfdir are not supported
> If, like most distros, you have a patchset to apply to a package before
> build, just create a very simple patch to add --sysconfdir for whatever.
> If this is truly required to do some task instead of just being a stub,
> then your patch should map it to the mplayer configure representation.
> (How is --sysconfdir different from --confdir?  Have you read the
> beginning part of ./configure --help?)

Okay, its syntactic sugar. But it would be better to have an kind
of "standard" for as many projects as possible.

> > * many feature options are only available as --enable-xxx or --disable-xxx
> >   (the default setting seems not to be supported as explicit parameter)
> It's the default, why do you need an explicit parameter to specify it in
> the first place?  
Can I rely that this standard always remains the same ?

> > * there seems to be no way for finding out what build configuration 
> >   configure is in fact using.
> After it's done, read config.h and config.mak that it generated.  This
> is the most complete description of what it decided.  Also, see
> configure.log for details, although this would be more difficult for a
> machine to parse and understand.
Is this output machine readable (parsable with acceptable work) ?
Can I rely on the consistence of the format over newer versions ?

Of course we'll write stubs for the build system, but it doesnt make really 
much sense if these have to be changed on each new release.

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