[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: Your message to MPlayer-dev-eng awaits moderator approval

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Dec 24 22:18:45 CET 2003

Arpi writes:
 > > Attila Kinali writes:
 > >  > Can someone approve this mail ?
 > >  > It would be sad if mplayer devs would be the only ones
 > >  > who didnt get this mail.
 > > 
 > > You better get it from one of the other lists and resend it, Arpi does
 > > not usually approve these mails.
 > Gabu also knows teh password for mailman, and i happily tell it to
 > you or anyone volunteering for maillists adminsitartion.
 > Sorry, but i haven't enough time to read 100+ mails daily, mostly spam,
 > blocked by mailman. The most of non-spam mails do belong to -users anyway,
 > it's quite rare that important -dev related mails are send and blocked.

Sorry if it came across this way, I was not meaning to imply you
should do it or have any obligation to do it.  I know perfectly well
that you are already doing quite a lot of stuff and are horribly
overloaded admining the services related to this project.

And sure, I'll be happy to help out a bit, just send me that pw in
private or via IRC or whatever.  But sorry, don't expect miracles,
travelling and having fun is currently eating into my schedule ;-)


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