[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: video application developer meeting

D Richard Felker III dalias at aerifal.cx
Wed Dec 24 23:32:07 CET 2003

On Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 08:50:47AM +0100, ChristianHJW wrote:
> Attila Kinali wrote:
> >Hello everybody, 
> >To get straight to the point, i'd like to make one of my childhood
> >wishes come true... Well, not exactly but i was thinging about
> >something like this for a while.
> >What is it about ? I'd like to organize a meeting of
> >opensource video application developers to help the exchange
> >of ideas and plan the further development.
> >The meeting would be held within the course of the 
> >Swiss Unix Conference 2004 (SUCON'04) begining
> >of september 2004 (as of current planing 2-4 sept)
> >in Zurich/Switzerland.
> >(The webpage www.sucon.ch shows still the program
> >of last year, but should be updated soon)
> >Would you be interested in such a meeting ?
> >And/or would some of you be interested in giving
> >a speach at the SUCON'04 ?
> >Greetings from a Switzerland where it's finaly snowing
> >			Attila Kinali
> matroska people not invited :( ..... i could have organized to get Mosu 
> and Alex in my car and we could drive down to CH together, maybe Steve, 
> Christophe and Cyrius would come from France also .... i love the idea 
> :). Its still pending to create a powerful, open source/open standard 
> codec, filter and container API together.

There never will be a standard because all the projects other than
MPlayer want an API that sucks. Supporting buffer reuse, direct
rendering, etc. is too complicated for them. As far as a _GOOD_ api is
concerned, we're almost finished with it for MPlayer G2. The others
are free to take it or leave it, but I expect they'll leave it. :(

BTW, where did you see that Matroska people aren't invited? AFAIK no
one is keeping you from attending, but I'd actually prefer you not
present your propaganda in front of an audience...

BTW2, after seeing demux_mkv.cpp being OVER 3500 LINES (!!) with OVER
TWENTY INCLUDED HEADERS, I am more convinced than ever that Matroska
is horrible... Keep in mind that NUT is superior in every way (from a
technical standpoint) and only takes a couple hundred lines to


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