[MPlayer-dev-eng] some license/copyright issues

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sat Dec 27 23:52:03 CET 2003

Hi boys!

In the wake of the Debian frustration du jour, I'm currently reviewing
some copyright statements in our source tree and extending the
Copyright file.  No, this is not about flaming, don't worry - or don't
get your hopes up.

1) At the top of libvo/vo_sdl.c there is the following statement in the
header of the file:

 *  Current license is not decided yet, but we're heading for GPL.
 *  -- old disclaimer --
 *  A mpeg2dec display driver that does output through the
 *  Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library. This effectively gives us all
 *  sorts of output options: X11, SVGAlib, fbcon, AAlib, GGI. Win32, MacOS
 *  and BeOS support, too. Yay. SDL info, source, and binaries can be found
 *  at http://slouken.devolution.com/SDL/

License should obviously be GPL, it is based on GPL code after all,
the URL is no longer valid, so is it OK to remove these lines?

2) In vo_sdl.c there is a note that indicates it comes from the OMS

 *  vo_sdl.c
 *  (was video_out_sdl.c from OMS project/mpeg2dec -> http://linuxvideo.org)

The following line in vo_md5.c and vo_pgm.c:

 * video_out_pgm.c, pgm interface

suggests that they also come from OMS.  OK to change to

 *  (was video_out_pgm.c from OMS project/mpeg2dec -> http://linuxvideo.org)


linuxvideo.org seems to be down/broken, so I could not have a look at
their source directly.

3)At the top of osdep/lrmi.[ch] there is the following license

  Linux Real Mode Interface - A library of DPMI-like functions for Linux.
  Copyright (C) 1998 by Josh Vanderhoof
  You are free to distribute and modify this file, as long as you
  do not remove this copyright notice and clearly label modified
  versions as being modified.
  This software has NO WARRANTY.  Use it at your own risk.
  Original location: http://cvs.debian.org/lrmi/

The URL is invalid and LRMI was seemingly taken from svgalib (which
redistributes LRMI), OK to remove?

Furthermore, we have modified lrmi.c, without labeling the file as
modified, so we are in violation of its license.  OK to add something
to the effect of

  Modified for use with MPlayer, see the CVS log for details.


If somebody has a better idea for a string to add, please speak up.


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