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Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sun Dec 28 20:24:34 CET 2003

* D Richard Felker III <dalias at aerifal.cx> [2003-12-27 19:43:13 -0500]:

> This is stupid. You can just wrap the code instead. A basic/dumb
> filter will be easy to wrap, and a more complicated one will not
> easily fit into a common api anyway.

Could you please give us an example, what really wont fit ?

Of course, the're always such cases, but for those an individual application
may have individual support. A common mm api doesnt necessarily enforce
evrything going only directly over its API. Such an API will handle 95%
of all cases, and for other 5% we'll find another solution.

> Common api means the EXACT same thing as a common player. 
No. It only means, many things are done by some common layer.
If you'd be right, every GNU application would be the same, since it 
goes over the same common libc.

> If mplayer and xine are using the same stream layer, the same demuxer 
> layer, the same codec and filter layer, and the same output modules, 
> then the ONLY difference between the two is the 10 lines of wrapper 
> code in main.c to put it all together. 
Well, in some simple cases, this could be true. 
Other, more complex applications will require more code.

> This is beyond idiotic.
Why ?!

> MPlayer is better than the stupid windows crap because it _doesn't_ just 
> wrap DirectShow with gui widgets, but instead implements everything itself,
> and does so much more efficiently and more correctly.
This comparison is idiotic!

M$'s APIs are known for not being quite open and flexible.
You cant compare it with OSS APIs which are born in several projects putting
redundant work together.

Standardized APIs are always needed - or do you like to code the whole
memory management, filesystem, etc yourself for each application ?!

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