[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: Common Opensource codec API

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sun Dec 28 21:29:42 CET 2003

* Attila Kinali <attila at kinali.ch> [2003-12-28 16:28:38 +0100]:

> Yes, we also design for the future, but keep in mind that the time
> for THz processors hasn't yet come. A good engineer always gets
> the best performance out of a machine without sacrifizing functionality,
> but at the same time he doesnt overcomplicate things just because
> it might be usefull in an unknown future.

Hah, at this point I can't get around thinking about something's going
on here in Germany: perhaps you know the story about T(r)oll Collect 
and their failure of creating a overbloated, gps-based traffic accounting
system for car roads (things which are known as quite trivial in the 
networking world ;-)) ... up today it had eaten up multiple billions EUR
and is not yet working. why couldn't evry car get in an traffic counter
and we leave out decision between highway and country road ?! Would have
costed less than 1% ...

Sorry for the offtopic, but I really think this matches quite good to
our situation here in this discussion.

> > Yes, maybe. So finally Linux players could start to improve and try to 
> > offer all the functionalities that are standard in the Windows world 
> > since ages. Why that is ? Because the main playback function, however 
> > crappy and bloated it is implemented, is done nicely by DirectShow and 
> > player developers can concentrate on improving the user interface and 
> > add more features, like live capturing, playlists, timeshifting, remote 
> > control, etc . ....
> Then why do more and more windows user use mplayer eventhough there
> is no nice gui available on windows ? 

Nice argument :)

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