[MPlayer-dev-eng] twos audio in mov files

Joey Parrish joey at nicewarrior.org
Tue Dec 30 16:52:05 CET 2003

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 07:26:43PM +0000, Karl Wood wrote:
> It =breaks= Quicktime MOV encoding and playback in 1.0pre3 for some
> folks, myself included. If I undo the patch everything works again
> for me.
> The Catch22 is that the same patch =fixes= Quicktime MOV problems for
> other people, so Roberto is asking how to resolve this to make us all
> happy.

I don't understand the patch/problem either, but it sounds like
endianness problems if it's always fixed for one half and broken for the
other.  Is anyone who knows better looking into it?


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