[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Update Spanish Help File in main

Juan Antonio Zubimendi andoni at ilex.lpsat.net
Sat May 3 17:29:31 CEST 2003


Here it's an small update to the Spanish Help file of the main branch
of the CVS version of mplayer. It just adds one string missing.


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--- main/help/help_mp-es.h	Fri Feb 21 10:07:47 2003
+++ mplayer/help/help_mp-es.h	Thu Apr 10 01:06:49 2003
@@ -584,6 +584,7 @@
 #define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_Cache "Cache si/no"
 #define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_CacheSize "Tama?o de Cache: "
 #define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_LoadFullscreen "Empezar en pantalla completa"
+#define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_SaveWinPos "Guardar posici?n de la ventana"
 #define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_XSCREENSAVER "Detener Salvador de Pantallas de X"
 #define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_PlayBar "Habilitar barra de reproducci?n"
 #define MSGTR_PREFERENCES_AutoSync "AutoSync si/no"

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