[MPlayer-dev-eng] mp-G2 pre18 / Video with no sound

Forjan Frederic fforjan at linuxmail.org
Sun May 4 23:03:47 CEST 2003

* I dl the mp-G2 pre18 and run it with a video only mpeg...
So i doesn't work...
Problem are in test-play.c line 291,
You don't check if you have sound, in case or not,you're pointer is null...
I'm not a mplayer guru so my pach is "if(sh_audio) sh_audio->delay-=frame_time;"

* with a sound only mpeg or sound+video, it works fine but with the video only, video is accelerated.
I have no lot of mpeg with just video (just 2 avi converted to mpg with avidemux, same result for both), so i can't check if it's my mpg file which is broken or mplayer-G2.

My small contribution to mplayer-G2 :-)
Forjan Frédéric

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