[MPlayer-dev-eng] a/v sync & the messed-up a/v fix NODAEMON

Ruibo Wang mail at ruibo.com
Mon May 5 09:47:16 CEST 2003


    I've changed the code of "libmpdemux/demux_real.c",
now the seeking of the .rm file is OK, but not well done.
Sometimes the a/v is not synchronized, and the worst is,
if I didn't seek to the audio keyframe( does audio have it? ),
the audio is messed-up, just like the echo.
    And the video is messed-up too. In my opinion, maybe
it didn't clean up the a/v decode buffer. I've checked up
"demux_seek" in "libmpdemux/demuxer.c". Before "demux_seek_real"
is called, it did a clean up action below:

    // clear demux buffers:
    mp_msg(MSGT_SEEK,MSGL_WARN,"sh_audio: %d, sh_video: %d\n", sh_audio, sh_video);
    if(sh_audio){ ds_free_packs(d_audio);sh_audio->a_buffer_len=0;}
    demuxer->stream->eof=0; // clear eof flag

it didn't works? I don't know.
    If I can pause the decode process and clean up the a/v buffer,
then seek to the right position, the work will be well done. Who
can give me some suggestions?
    And I'm very interested in joining the g2 developing, with the
.rm format coding.

Ruibo Wang

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