codec location (was: Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] enable dll codec support for mingw32andcygwin)

Arpi arpi at
Mon May 5 12:15:14 CEST 2003


>   I'll just say this now.  I don't think /usr/lib/win32 was ever a good
> idea.  /usr/lib will be searched by ld, won't it?  Nasty.  It just
> doesn't seem right, they're not native libraries, they're DLLs that
> require a special loader.

I agree.
But in early days we had to be compatible with avifile (and xmps) which
stored DLLs there, and the loader also searched them there.
Later things changed, it turned to be optional, but we kept the old path to
be compatible with old mplayer :)

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