[MPlayer-dev-eng] mp-G2 pre18 / Video with no sound

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed May 7 13:47:55 CEST 2003


> A>Ok, pre20 is out.
> Wow, you're developing it quite fast ;)
> I have to ask some questions. Current mplayer has some flaws that are
> hard to fix without some redisign, in my opinion. It's not that they are
> very important, just that most of other players support all or some of
> them, and not having them in mplayer is somewhat annoying.
> I wish to know if following features are planning in current mplayer, in
> g2 or never:
> Changing video filter parameters on the fly (without restarting). That
> is supported only by the few of filters now.

it won't change, as it requires support by filter, so filters with support
for runtime config (control()) will allow it, others won't.

> Adding new filters on the fly, e.g. turning on deinterlacing (let alone
> this is pp option for now) or rotating image, like ffdshow for win is
> able to.

it's possible with current mplayer too, just no UI to control it...

> Changing video aspect on the fly (imho very annoying not to have this).

it's possible with current mplayer too, just no UI to control it...

> Using xmms effect & visualization plugins.

not planned

esp. that xmms is not so modular, its plugins like to handle everything but
audio, for exampel the vis. pluginms open their windows, controls them etc.
effect plugins - dunno, but afair it's too dependant on xmms's ao system.

> New osd engine.


> Full-featured gui, not something which is annoying while playing and has

mp-g2 will eb a library, a framework, without any UI.
i left (G)UI coding for the others.

anyway .so promised me some help of designing the UI interfaces, so his new
GUI can work better with g2.

> bugs and misfeatures that non-gui mplayer doesn't have. (There is
> nothing I can do without gui and there are things that are impossible in
> gui; this means it isn't useful except for cool screenshots).
> And what will happen to mencoder in g2, I wonder?

g2 core is able to serve mencoder-like apps, just needs to be coded.
(UI problem again)

so, to understand, g2 won't include any UI (except some test-* apps used for
testing the code but they have minimal control), it will provide a set of
libraries implementing everything(?) needed for a media player/encoder app.

something like libavifile or libxine.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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