[MPlayer-dev-eng] Spanish translation of documentation

Juan Martin nauj27 at teleline.es
Wed May 7 13:35:49 CEST 2003

El mié, 07 de 05 de 2003 a las 01:44, Diego Biurrun escribió:
> Juan Martin writes:
>  > I'm Juan Martin and go to translate the DOCS to spanish language as well
>  > the manpage of MPlayer.
> Great news!
> You should start by translating the 0_90 branch so we can have a
> Spanish translation with our next release.  Most important is the man
> page, translate that first if you can.
> Thanks
> Diego

Ok, the DOCS/xml/README.mantainers say:

Adding new translations

1) Create a new subdirectory and copy the XML files there.
2) Make sure to create a 'Makefile' for the translation -- you can
   use 'en/Makefile' as an example.
3) Set <book lang="XX"> to your language code if the DocBook XSL
   stylesheets support it.
4) If you want to use a customized XSL stylesheet, create one and name
   'html.xsl'.  And do not forget to import the toplevel XSL file:

	<xsl:import href="../html.xsl"/>

5) If you are using your own HTML stylesheet, edit your Makefile and set
   the HTML_STYLESHEET variable to its name.
That's all, in theory.

Fine, I have create DOCS/es and copy DOCS/xml/en/*.xml and Makefile
files to it. This is the right way? Now I should translate the xml files
and then?

About the man page. Ok I begin with it but, where is the source? I have
download the cvs tree and I'm a bit mislaid.

I need a bit of help, thank's

Juan Martín López
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