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Pupeno pupeno at pupeno.com
Tue May 13 04:39:29 CEST 2003

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I've been trying to embed mplayer for a while without success.
What I'm doing is running a X program that prints the id of the windows I want 
it to be embeded in and then run it by hand (from the command line) passing 
that number as the -wid parameter (BTW, -guiwid is in the man page but that 
parameter doesn't exist). I'm doing this in a experimental way.
The weird thing is this, it s a Qt/KDE program so, the main windows is derived 
from the class KMainWindow, I can embed it there, it just works, but when I 
try to create a widget to do it (based on QWidget) it doesn't work, it just 
doesn't work, mplayer seems to play (from the console output), but I don't 
see anything on the widget.
Any idea why is that ?
- From the mplayer point of view, what are the requirements of the window to 
where I'm out puting to work ? at least, theorically.
Any idea of the simplest way to solve it ? at least, theorically.
Thank you.
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