[MPlayer-dev-eng] Mac OS X native audio output

Dan Christiansen danchr at daimi.au.dk
Thu May 15 20:27:24 CEST 2003


Attached below is a native audio output module for Mac OS X using the 
CoreAudio API's hardware part. I would greatly appreciate it if someone 
could try it and tell me what they think. It does not seem faster than 
the SDL audio output, but it's one step closer to getting rid of SDL on 
Mac OS X.

It connect directly to the audio output unit, and will request the 
hardware sampling rate (normally 44100Hz), channel count, sample size, 
etc. It uses 32bit floating point for the audio since that's what 
CoreAudio expects. This could possibly be changed by using AudioUnit 
API, or by setting another format.

There are still some issues with it. It stutters when the system is 
busy. It doesn't seem quite accurate, but I have a feeling thats 
because of the timer. I've been working on a more accurate one, but 
there are some weird bugs.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could try this (and the timer) on 
a raw Darwin system w/o Mac OS X. Both should work. It would also be 
nice if people would give it some general testing and see how well it 

BTW, what is the meaning of ao_data.outburst?

- Dan Christiansen

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