[MPlayer-dev-eng] Altivec+GCC fix

Magnus Damm damm at opensource.se
Thu May 22 09:49:29 CEST 2003


> these two parts above are ok

> > * libmpeg2/idct_altivec.c
> >   Updated to version 1.19 from sourceforge
> >   This version includes the gcc bugfix
> >   The new file also ditches the old assembly version
> >   and it must be built with correct altivec-flags
> > 
> > * libmpeg2/motion_comp_altivec.c
> >   Updated to version 1.12 from sourceforge
> >   The old version crashed my gcc-3.2.2 (after allocating 1 Gig memory)
> >   because of unfriendly altivec code, the new file is better.
> >   The new file ditches the old assembly version
> >   and it must be built with correct altivec-flags
> Okay, I wanted to ask if they're synced with the main libmpeg2, and they
> are, but you've included some fixes, have you sent your patches to the
> developers? If not, do it!

These files are directly from libmpeg2 on sourceforge, unmodified.
Someone had already fixed that gcc problem there.
The comments are just what people already have done and was meant as
a motivation of why I want to use these new files.

However, these new files require altivec flags to be present to be able
to compile. That is why I modified the Makefile instead of throwing in
ifdefs in the source files. I though that it was easier to just have
one file (makefile) that differs instead of modifying each c-file.

To verify this I will download and test the libmpeg2 cvs
on sourceforge, but I have no time today - maybe tomorrow.

> > * libmpeg2/Makefile
> >   Make sure the correct flags are passed to CC
> >   Altivec files should only be compiled when altivec is enabled.
> > 
> > * libmpeg2/idct.c
> >   Only use Altivec if enabled with configure.
> > 
> > * libmpeg2/motion_comp.c
> >   Only use Altivec if enabled with configure.
> ok, but do the libmpeg2 on sf.net made those changes?


> I mean, there was an #ifdef __ALTIVEC__ in all the altivec related
> files, and they have been compiled everytime, but without altivec
> support, they're only empty objects. The two ways do the same, probably
> the old one is messier, and I prefer your version too, but it should be
> in sync with the main libmpeg2 branch!

I will see if it possible to compile the files without the flags and
try to figure out a solution that exists in libmpeg2 too.
The altivec flags in the Makefile are needed, that's for sure.
Maybe it is a good idea to generate these flags in configure instead
of having ifdefs in some of the makefiles...

Gotta go.

/ magnus

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