[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: 0.90.1 ???

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Sat May 24 12:45:55 CEST 2003

    Hi, Arpi!

Sometime (on Thursday, May 22 at  1:07) I've received something...
>> at the moment, so i think that mantaining three versions (0_90, CVS and 
>> soon G2) is an overkill.

>we have no resources to maintain 0_90 any more.
>we don't even have enough resources to maintain main and g2...
>the problem is that there isn't a lot of people actively working on g2
>neither :(

>the only g2 patches i got are only for bsd, darwin and cygwin compatibility.
>(so except some design ideas on maillist and irc, i'm alone on g2 development)

    I could help with porting some of g1 stuff to g2, I'm just waiting
for config layer 0 final API. I think that some developers are waiting
for that too. :)

>while i know (and said) that libvo2 API is stable now, also teh stream layer
>of g2, so ppl. could start porting/rewriting stream/vo2 modules for g2.
>and, when the major drivers are ported, we could replace g1's libvo and
>stream layer too, by the g2 one.

    With the new config concept we have to replace vo_info_t with
module_info_t and related stuff before mass-porting.

>(stream layer is compatible (stream.h is the same) and there is vf_vo2 for
>vf-vo2 interface so it's also easy to use libvo2 with g1)

>although i hope that g2 will be usable in a month, actually it's already
>usable but lacks of config layer 1-3 (1-2: not implemented yet, 3 not designed
>yet), you can even play mpeg, avi, asf and ogg files with perfect (much
>better than g1) a-v sync using g2's sample app, test-play.c.

    Let's finish with level 0 then we can implement these layers 1-2
(modules layer and config/commandline parser respectively) so I don't
think if it's a problem. Anyway dynamic loading part of modules layer
isn't too actual yet so it can wait, I think. :)
    Beside of this, levels 2 and 3 are application levels so anyone free
to implement it for own application. :)


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