[MPlayer-dev-eng] cvs main vs. libmpeg2

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Sun May 25 16:08:54 CEST 2003

Am Sonntag, 25. Mai 2003 15:26 schrieb Arpi:
> Hi,
> libmpeg2 in main cvs is broken to hell, already enforced by several ppl.
> (kabi, vektor, fabian, gabu at least)
> so if you'll make release from main, then either fix it (i fear it's
> impossible or will result even more ugly hacks) or put back old libmpeg2
> (from 0_90, together with vd_libmpeg2.c!).
> it does mem corruption now, i have no idea why/where.

hm, I checked my latest patches we did in december/january with those that is 
now commited ...

Interestingly it seems that you commited an old work-in-progress snapshot (and 
not the end-version) as qstore for example seems not to be handled right in 
libmpeg2 that is commited atm.

I'll check it, test and possibly send patch.



> the same libmpeg2 is used in g2 and there are no problems, but in g2
> libmpeg2 is used 'the right way', ie it handes mpeg-es parsing, while
> it's done by demuxer in g1. to workaround this, i've added some hacks
> in g1's libmpeg2 to handle special end-of-frame code 0x01ff.
> maybe something is broken tehre, or the qscale stuff (g1/s libmpeg2 is
> patched to export postprocess data, qscale array) is buggy.
> unfortunatelly i have no time nor interest to fix it...
> if you don't object i'll put back old libmpeg2 into g1 main cvs.
> (it's archived in obsolete module, so it will be easy).
> [i hoped that new libmpeg2 will be faster, esp. with gcc 3.x, and it
> has altivec support etc, so me and Fabian hacked it to work, but it
> seems it doesn't really work as expected.]
> note that 0_90 still has old libmpeg2 (0.2.1cvs, while in main it's 0.3.1
> release).
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