[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Update Spanish Help files

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sun May 25 18:55:42 CEST 2003

Juan Martin writes:
 > El s,ba(Bb, 24 de 05 de 2003 a las 18:11, Andoni Zubimendi escribi,bs(B:
 > > Here are two patches to apply to the spanish help files in main and in
 > > 0.90. It just add the note about which version the files are in sync
 > > with and other cosmetic changes. There are two files, one for main and
 > > the other for 0.90.
 > > 
 > > Also, I've started to translate the XML to Spanish, may I sent you as
 > > soon as get them translated, translate the whole documentation and then
 > > sent it, or how? 
 > Hi Andoni, I'm translating the man page and think to translate XML doc
 > too. But if you've started the XML translation and want to do it, if you
 > want I mantain the man page and you the xml doc.

Oops, I thought you were the same person at first.  Maybe it would be
good if you started sending me whatever you have finished thus far so
that I can add it to CVS and you see what each other is working on.
You could then decide who translates which file so that you do not
duplicate work.


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