[MPlayer-dev-eng] Fw: mingw network patch, again

Sascha Sommer saschasommer at freenet.de
Tue May 27 08:10:55 CEST 2003

> On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 08:51:28PM +0200, Sascha Sommer wrote:
> > > Hmm, this is repeated in several places, that's ugly IMHO.  Can't we
> > > just convince the MinGW folks to define it in a system header or
> > > it ourselves globally?
> >
> > Agree.
> > I already wrote a mail.
> > They came to the conclusion that ssize_t should be defined by the
> > but the one responsible for mingw's gcc didn't answer, yet.
> It would be best if they included it.  Could you forward me that thread or
> point me to the mailing list archive?  I will also try to contact them, I
> managed to get inttypes.h included in Cygwin after all :-)

Ok yesterday, they said I could send a patch and I did so.
I will inform you when it is applied.


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