[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH][BUG] fbdev fix, fbdev2 needs testin g

Luis.F.Correia Luis.F.Correia at seg-social.pt
Tue May 27 13:09:49 CEST 2003


I tried your patch against the released MPlayer 0.90.

I got these errors:

mplayer.o(.data+0x1348): undefined reference to 'fb_dev_name'
mplayer.o(.data+0x1364): undefined reference to 'fb_mode_name'
mplayer.o(.data+0x1380): undefined reference to 'fb_mode_cfgfile'

Is this supposed to be like this, or the patch should ONLY be applied
to the cvs version?

Thanks for the cleanup, 
(maybe this will improve the performance of my Matrox Millenium II ;)

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I've cleaned up vo_fbdev rather than rewriting it, because a lot of
worthwhile work seemed to have already been done.  I removed a great
deal of code, though, to make it simpler.

What I need now is for people to test it for me, because it works great
on my system (using vesa fb device) but I can't test anywhere else.

big changes:
 - removed lots of #includes
 - removed odd video_out_png def
 - changed all printf to mp_msg
 - removed all mode switching code
 - removed fb.modes parser
 - commented the static globals i left in
 - changed var name "L123123789" to "center"
  -- by the way, how did that come to be named L123123789?
 - removed a few unused or useless variables
 - removed vidix
 - removed all the /dev/tty stuff
 - made a few functions static
 - changed the way fb_preinit works
  -- fixed a small bug in vo_fbdev this way (explained below)
 - tried to make multiple config calls nicer
 - removed YV12 support
 - added slices support for RGB modes
 - made RGB modes the only available modes (let vf_scale convert)
 - fixed uninit problems

 - much cleaner, smaller code (1305 lines -> 398 lines)
 - slices support
 - can change vt while playing movies
 - bugfixes

not sure:
 - double buffering is decided just as in vo_fbdev (USE_CONVERT2FB)
  -- should it be?
 - no mode switching except color depth (this seems possibly bad)
  -- but it simplified things a lot and i don't need it.  :)
 - i'm not sure i like the in_* out_* vars
  -- but this system still works well
 - i'm not sure i like the preinit system
  -- but it also works
 - no draw_frame, is this okay if slices work for all csp?

in vo_fbdev, once the fb_preinit has been called, then subsequent
calls are skipped and the last return value is used again.
this is fine, except that /dev/fb0 is opened here and closed in uninit.
then, when another preinit comes, /dev/fb0 is not reopened because
fb_preinit returns too early.  so, i added a reset param to be used on
uninit.  now fbdev can be used with multiple files without -fixed-vo.

still, i'm unsatisfied with the preinit and config systems at the
moment.  i may try to rewrite them more heavily later.  comments?

i've made a simple patch to fix the bugs i found in vo_fbdev, and
another to add the cleaner version (vo_fbdev2).  is this bugfix patch
okay to apply?  the second patch is not to be committed, but needs
testing by people with different hardware and fbdev modules first.


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