[MPlayer-dev-eng] wishlist again

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue May 27 19:09:43 CEST 2003


> >  * develop v4u (new video overlay interface - like vidix but with
> >    less idiotic interface and more compatible with Xv for easier
> >    driver porting) 
> Hey not! v4u isn't such a beast...


it's ok to remove now.
when i wrote that part in ( ), i thought that xv drivers are mostly ok, just
need to replace xv's idiotic interface by something useful.
(with direct access to video mem)
i thought that if we follow xv driver structure, then porting xv drivers to
v4u (and make it widely usable and so more supported/developed) will be
easier. i still think it is, but looking at existing xv drivers' code
quality, it doesn't worth the mess, none of them is usable :(

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