[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: wishlist again

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Thu May 29 10:18:21 CEST 2003

    Hi, Jonas Jermann!

Sometime (on Wednesday, May 28 at 16:36) I've received something...
>    2.3.2 Aspect ratios, Scaling, cropping
>   DVDs are always encoded at 720x576 (5:4) although the picture will be
>   scaled at playback. Common video formats are 4:3 = 1.33 for TV, 16:9 =

    It's wrong, sorry. I got US DVD Key the Metal Idol, then HK DVD Video
Girl Ai, and then HK DVD Samurai X - all these have resolution 720x480 in
MPEG2 video stream. May be most of movies you have are in 720x576 (5:4)
resolution but it isn't so for all DVDs. If you'll see MPEG1/2 standards
then you can find that ANYx576 with 24fps is PAL source but ANYx480 with
30fps is NTSC source.

    With best wishes.

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