Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: help on libmpdemux usage (Modifié par Jérôme Cornet)

Jérôme Cornet jerome at
Wed Jan 14 20:45:49 CET 2004

Le 14 janv. 2004, à 20:29, D Richard Felker III a écrit :

>> That statement proves you don't know about what you are talking.
>> From version 1.0 to 6.5, QuickTime is system library, not a movie
>> player.
>> Under MacOS X, it is located at
>> /System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework.
>> The movie player is a separate app, called "QuickTime Player", located
>> at /Applications/QuickTime You could use a completly
>> different application
>> to play your movie and still be using QuickTime, if the app supports
>> that.
> It does not matter. GPL does not permit you to make QuickTime modules
> out of GPL code.

Sorry to go on with this kind of thread (on a dev list!), but i 
disagree. Any other
point of view here? It seems since some time i only talk with Mr. 

> No, into the QuickTime framework, which is NON-FREE. This is not
> acceptable. If you go forward with this project you will be flamed
> badly in public, and possibly subject to legal action from MPlayer
> developers, if it is feasible. So please drop it now.

OK, now we are with menace. Are you talking for the rest of MPlayer 
What do Gabucino and others think of that?

I still think i am right in the GPL license. You will not convince me 
by playing with
words replacing "component" by "modules" then by "framework" when you 
see framework
in the QuickTime file's path or being dihonest pretending false 
assertions to do your
However, i always take care of original developer's opinion being in my 
GPL right or not.
So if you don't want people to use your internal library, that's your 
choice, i respect it.

Again, any kind of different point of view here?



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