[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Paths for x86_64

Christof Buergi christof at buergi.lugs.ch
Sat Jan 1 15:13:10 CET 2005

You know, Rich, I do respect you. I really do. In fact, I think you're a 
really good developer.

But this time you went one step too far.

I mean, explaining your idea of how things should work with vigor: Sure, 
go ahead. Calling everyone with a different opinion an idiot is a faux 
pas, but I do have a thick skin, so bring it on.

But how dare you speak for the rest of the developers? Do you really 
think every single one of the MPlayer developers loves and embraces 
Debian? That everyone thinks that everything but Debian (of LFS) is 
crap that should never be touched? Do you really think that way?

If so, you should take a reality check. Really.

That aside, the whole point of the discussion, as far as I unterstand 
it, is, whether backwards compatibilty in the operating system (not the 
CPU) is a good thing or a bad thing. You say it's a bad thing as it 
will be a deadweight in the future with no real value today, while I 
look at it with a neutral standpoint, saying that it's got it's 
advantages as well as it's disadvantages.

Now, when I look at the community distributions that already made the 
transition, and when I ask other linuxers, I see that the majority went 
with the backwards compatibility. And since I see no point it prefering 
one way or the other, I just go with the majority this time. Saves me a 
lot of unnecessary trouble. If you think your point of view is so 
superiour that you must go against the majority, then have it your way. 
I did so myself in the past. But not this time. So please do it 

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