[MPlayer-dev-eng] libmpcodecs - how to code video-filter which double (or quad) output frame rate

Andreas Schulz mplayer-dev at pibox.de
Wed Jan 12 13:31:08 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I want to give me a try to code a video-filter which controls
LCD-shutter-glasses under linux for stereo-viewing of field-interleaced video.

"incoming mpi" = odd lines -> [left] eye, even lines -> [right] eye

So I had to do:

"incoming mpi" -> odd lines -> first "outgoing mpi"
"same incoming mpi" -> even lines -> second "outgoing mpi"
(control of electronics for shutter-glasses is not the question)

i.e. after filtering I'll have 2x the number of incoming frames.


How is a filter to be build, which outputs double the frame rate / frame numbers as it gets
on input?



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