[MPlayer-dev-eng] Intel C++ 8.0 Compiler patch.

Guillaume POIRIER guillaume.poirier at etudiant.univ-rennes1.fr
Thu Jan 13 12:18:12 CET 2005


Diego Biurrun wrote:
> Guillaume POIRIER writes:
>>Could anybody give me a good pointer about compiling gcc under debian? I 
>>think I heared there were some wrappers to that kind of task, just like 
> http://mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/gcc-296.html

Thanks for the pointer... I was more looking for a "debianized" way to 
build and install gcc (because it's a clean way to install things), but 
I guess this is a good way to start, and if it can operate without 
having to be installed in the root system, I ok with that.

> Just get the gcc-core tarball, that's C only, so enough for compiling
> MPlayer.  A good moment to benchmark gcc would be when 4.0 is finally
> released, which does not seem to be that far off. 


> I have some scripts
> from Moritz Bunkus lying around from the last time I did gcc
> benchmarks.  Just tell me if you want them.

Yes, you sent them so me some month ago, but meanwhile, I managed to get 
a hardware HD crash, so I lost them. So I'd welcome another sending of 
those scripts.


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