[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [PATCH] of asf_mmst_streaming to only receive the resquested streams

daurat daurat at tiscali.fr
Tue Jan 18 21:31:18 CET 2005

> I do believe you that this is an improvement (but nevertheless mms
> support is hopelessly broken atm).
> Please tell me if the attached patch works for you, too. I think it
> should work with more servers (sorry, untested).

Sorry, with this patch it does not work at all.
mplayer is blocked on the message:

============ ASF Stream group == START ===
 stream count=[0x4][4]
   stream id=[0x1][1]
   max bitrate=[0x10332][66354]
   stream id=[0x2][2]
   max bitrate=[0x11572a][1136426]
   stream id=[0x3][3]
   max bitrate=[0x9b60a][636426]
   stream id=[0x4][4]
   max bitrate=[0x4958a][300426]
============ ASF Stream group == END ===
Found movie at 0x124E - 0x124E
ASF: 1 audio and 3 video streams found
Auto-selected ASF audio ID = 1
I have the impression that only the audio stream is sent.

> Btw.: Can you try the URL with http:// instead of mms:// ? If it works
> it has the advantage that you can use -bandwidth in stead of explicitly
> setting vid and aid. You need latest CVS of course ;-)

No, apparently no connection to http port is accepted to this server.


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