[MPlayer-dev-eng] Documentation lists option with one - (dash) only, two required

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Jan 19 19:28:11 CET 2005

Alexander Skwar writes:
> Torinthiel wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 07:57:50PM +0100, Alexander Skwar wrote:
> >> How do you explain, that --dvd-device works and -dvd-device does
> >> not work?
> > 
> > --dvd-device does not work. -- simply tells MPlayer that it shouldn't
> > interpret next '-' as option name. And dvd-device after -- gets ignored.
> Ah, okay, that's a nice explanation - unlike what this Diego moron
> spits out. Geez, is he always that way?

I'll readily admit to being low on patience these last few days.

Bug reports are unwelcome on this list unless they come with a fix or
a discussion where in the code to fix it attached.  They should go to
mplayer-users instead.  All of this is described in our bug reporting
guidelines, which you apparently did not read.

Breaking all the rules for bug reporting and pretending to know better
than the developers is one thing, but complaining about unfair
treatment and calling people names after ignoring what the developers
tell you is not going to get you anywhere.

Anyway, I've just modified MPlayer to print

  MPlayer was compiled without libdvdread support.

when the -dvd-device option is used without DVD support being compiled
in.  And instead of

  You added '--' but no filenames presented!

you will now see

  '--' indicates no more options, but no filename was given on the command line.

when you type in an invalid option with --.

May you be happy after typing 'cvs up'..


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