[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Fix dll loading with Turkish locales

Jiri Svoboda jiri.svoboda at seznam.cz
Thu Jan 20 20:39:42 CET 2005

> > There is no need to "add" anything. To use/enable i18n just 
> create .po files
> > from help-XX, compile and install them. I18n will work out 
> of the box.
> Could you elaborate on this a little bit?

I can forward You to this thread:

Some things are maybe obsolente, but the point is the same - nothing had
changed till today.

Just in brief - how it works (worked in past). For each mp_msg message
mplayer already calls gettext routine (if i18l is enabled in configuration -
see mp_msg.[c|h]).
So the only part missing are .po files. They can be easily created, compiled
and installed during mplayer configuration and compilation from source code.
What is missing in current code? 
-Code snipped which creates for each language .po file (some grep magic to
make from help_mp-en and help_mp-XX pairs of translated and original
messages -->.po file), should be done at configure time
-Compilation of lang files .po --> .mo (just invoking compiler), should be
done at compile time
-Installation of lang files (simple copy), should be done at install time
To have i18n working mplayer itself has to be compiled with en language!


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