[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] vobsub: keep aspect ratio

Csillag Kristof fenwick at freemail.hu
Sat Jan 22 06:39:01 CET 2005

Hi there!

One more little thing:

When we rip a movie, black bars are often removed from the top and the
bottom of the original picture. This is OK, but it means that the aspect
ratio of the movie is changed. ON the other side, when we dump a VOBsub
subtitle, no cropping takes place, so it's aspect rate will match the
original (un-cropped) movie's.

So, when we display a subtitle with the cropped movie, and rescale the
vobsub's frame to match the movie's sizes, we are distorting the
subtitle's aspect ratio. (Typically, we get shorter letters.) 
This makes reading the text harder.

  * * *

So, I added the option "-spu-keep-aspect". If it is switched on, the
VOBsub's original aspect ratio is used to display it. If it's off
(default), the aspect ratio of the movie is applied to the subtitles.

See the attached patch. (I updated the man page, too.)

(Note: this patch depends on the following two pending patches of mine:
a0_positioning-fix-and-cleanup.patch, a1_scaling.patch)

I uploaded a sample file here:

The default "mplayer -slang eng aspect-demo.mkv" gives this:

"mplayer -slang eng aspect-demo.mkv -spu-keep-aspect" gives this:

  * * *

What do you think? IMHO the subtitles look much better this way.
Shouldn't this be the default behavior?

Csillag Kristof <fenwick at freemail.hu>
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