[MPlayer-dev-eng] Gui support functions

Chris Roccati roccati at pobox.com
Sun Jan 23 20:56:49 CET 2005

I've decided to explore the code for the gui (yes, I still want to make 
a MacOS X native gui). I've almost figured out everything by myself but 
I'd be happy to receive some "confirmations".

The USE_NEW_GUI part of the code needs the following functions:

int cfg_read(void)
int import_playtree_playlist_into_gui(play_tree_t* my_playtree, 
m_config_t* config)
int import_initial_playtree_into_gui(play_tree_t* my_playtree, 
m_config_t* config, int enqueue)

These are quite straightforward. Besides, under MacOS X an application 
started by the Finder does not receive parameters, so there's no need 
to import the playlist into the gui.

void guiInit(void)
void guiDone(void)
void guiEventHandling(void)

These others seem to be obvious.

int guiGetEvent(int type, char *arg)

I'm not really sure about how to react to the messages "guiIEvent".
Also I receive a lot of guiSetVolume messages (could I be doing 
something wrong?)

void mplPrev(void)
void mplNext(void)
void mplEnd(void)

mplEnd() despite its apparent semplicity seems to be a very complex 
function. I've found there's a quite tricky interaction between the 
state of guiInftStruct.NewPlay, mplEnd() and the handling of a new 
file. Anyone can point me to an explanation about how should it work?

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