[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Re: aspect ratio with OSD

Csillag Kristof fenwick at freemail.hu
Tue Jan 25 01:29:58 CET 2005

2005-01-24, h keltezéssel 10.29-kor D Richard Felker III ezt írta:
> From my perspective he seems to be making really good patches, but I'm
> not familiar with the code they modify. Perhaps one of us who uses
> vobsubs should just apply them and test and see if everything works
> ok.
That would be nice.

  * * *

Would it make your task more difficult if I united some of my patches?
It would be much more easy for me to maintain them (keep them compatible
with each other) then.

>  (I almost never use vobsubs though..)
1. Don't you have any DVD-s lying around? :)

2. The latest thing, the OSD aspect-ratio work, once I finish it for
   text subtitles and possibly other OSD elements, will be much easier
   to test.


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