[MPlayer-dev-eng] Wrong colors on altivec compilation under AmigaOS4

Andrea Palmatè andrea at amigasoft.net
Tue Jan 25 12:35:30 CET 2005

>AFAIK, the problem is know to apprear with FSF GCC and goes away with
>Apple's GCC on MacOS-X... So either try another version of GCC, or try
>to compile Apple's under AmigaOS... if it works at all!
i'm current using 3.4 version under OS4. The other thing is to use the 
2.9.5 version. I'll try it.

>Other than that, if you plan to get your work merded into MPlayer's
>mainline, I think you want to use cvs instead of -pre4...
The base code is the 1.0pr4. i'm replaced most of the lib present on the 
last cvs except for the postproc because it broke my AVI playing..

Another thing. I have also a random hangs during mpeg playing (not with 
avi). No errors, just totally hang of system.. the libmpeg2 is the last 
from cvs


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