[MPlayer-dev-eng] rawvideo 422P and 444P playback

Stuart Cunningham stuart_hc at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 26 12:16:28 CET 2005


Attached is a patch to etc/codecs.conf to allow you to select raw planar video
playback with fourccs "422P" and "444P".  Support for these two raw planar
video formats is already incorporated into mplayer but has not yet been exposed
via codecs.conf.

Example command lines using these fourccs would be:
  mplayer -rawvideo on:size=1244160:w=720:h=576:format=444P water444p.yuv
  mplayer -rawvideo on:size=829440:w=720:h=576:format=422P water422p.yuv

Stuart Cunningham

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