[MPlayer-dev-eng] rawvideo 422P and 444P playback

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sat Jan 29 18:05:25 CET 2005

Stuart Cunningham writes:
> Attached is a patch to etc/codecs.conf to allow you to select raw planar video
> playback with fourccs "422P" and "444P".  Support for these two raw planar
> video formats is already incorporated into mplayer but has not yet been exposed
> via codecs.conf.
> Example command lines using these fourccs would be:
>   mplayer -rawvideo on:size=1244160:w=720:h=576:format=444P water444p.yuv
>   mplayer -rawvideo on:size=829440:w=720:h=576:format=422P water422p.yuv

OK, tested, works.  Roberto, OK to apply?

> @@ -1889,6 +1907,8 @@
>    out I420
>    out YUY2
>    out UYVY
> +  out 444P
> +  out 422P
>    out YVU9
>    out BGR32,BGR24,BGR16,BGR15

Why do you add these to the null codec?


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