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> -  The following steps will guide you to compute the resolution of your
> -  encode without taking too much distortion by taking into account several
> +  The following steps will guide you in computing the resolution of your
> +  encode without distorting the video too much, by taking into account several
>    information about the souce video.

I don't know how I missed this, really I don't... "several" cannot be
used with "information", because of (I think) plurality rules. "types of
information" or "pieces of information" would work grammatically, but
the former is not ideal aesthetically and I'm not sure the latter is
accurate... "things" would work both grammatically and aesthetically,
and has the correct meaning, but I'm not *quite* sure it isn't too
colloquial or imprecise.

If no one comes up with any better suggestions, I'll go with "types of

>  <link linkend="menc-feat-xvid-example-settings"><systemitem class="library">XviD</systemitem></link>
>    should make it possible to get the same quality with CQ ranging from
> -  0.18 to 0.20 for 1 CD rip, and 0.24-0.26 for 2 CDs
> +  0.18 to 0.20 for a 1 CD rip, and 0.24-0.26 for 2 CDs

Better, and passable, but it would be better if they were parallel. This
is within tolerances as it is, though.

> -  Also note that as said earlier on this quide, low resolution comparatively
> -  need a bigger QP to look good.
> +  Also note that as mentioned earlier in this guide, low resolution videos
> +  need a bigger CQ (compared to for ex. DVD-resolution) to look good.

" for ex." -> ", for instance," (or ", for example," would work, but I
think "instance" is preferable)

       The Wanderer

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