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new -msglevel option, constrols msg level for every msg module

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+++ mplayer.1	6 Dec 2005 08:42:48 -0000	1.1163
@@ -511,6 +511,43 @@
 Specify configuration file to be parsed after the default ones.
+.B \-msglevel <all=<level>:module=<level>:...>
+Control verbosity directly for each module.
+The 'all' module changes the verbosity of all other modules not specified.
+See '-msglevel help' for a list of all modules
+Messages printed before the command line is loaded cannot be controlled.
+Available levels:
+.PD 0
+.IPs -1
+Complete silence.
+.IPs 0
+Fatal messages only.
+.IPs 1
+Error messages.
+.IPs 2
+Warning messages.
+.IPs 3
+Short hints.
+.IPs 4
+Information messages.
+.IPs 5
+Status messages (those hidden by -quiet).
+.IPs 6
+Verbose messages.
+.IPs 7
+Debug level 2.
+.IPs 8
+Debug level 3.
+.IPs 9
+Debug level 4.
+.PD 1
 .B \-quiet\ 
 Make console output less verbose; in particular, prevents the status line
 (i.e.\& A:   0.7 V:   0.6 A-V:  0.068 ...) from being displayed.

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