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-.B \-v, \-verbose
-Increment verbose level (more \-v means more verbosity).
-.PD 0
-.IPs <nothing>
-only some informational output (default)
-.IPs \-v\ \ \ 
-some basic debug info, AVI header, function values (init debug)
-.IPs \-v\ \-v
-Print AVI indexes, chunk inputs, more debug info (player debug).
-.IPs \-v\ \-v\ \-v
-Prints everything related to input parsers (parser debug).
-.PD 1
+.B \-v\ \ \ \ \ 
+Increment verbosity level, one level for each \-v
+found on the command line.
+.B \-verbose <0\-4)
+Directly set verbosity level.
+See \-msglevel for the meaning of each level, taking into
+account that \-verbose 0 corresponds to level 5.

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