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Goo Media Center, DVD movie player update

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--- projects.src.en	13 Dec 2005 23:15:10 -0000	1.193
+++ projects.src.en	22 Dec 2005 14:45:32 -0000	1.194
@@ -258,8 +258,10 @@
 		simple GUI frontend by Yua CaVan</li>
 	<li><a href="http://dividedsky.net/~ods15/MPW15/">MPlayerWin15</a><br>
 		simple MPlayer frontend by Oded Shimon</li>
-	<li><a href="http://pavcules.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=27&func=select&id=2">Goo Player & DVD Ripper</a><br>
-		VB6 MPlayer and MEncoder frontends by Richard Didd</li>
+	<li><a href="http://diddy.pavcules.com/">Goo Media Center, DVD movie player</a><br>
+		Goo Media Center is a combined VB6 MPlayer and MEncoder
+		frontend, DVD movie player embeds the movie player
+		alongside the movie on a CD or DVD, by Richard Didd.</li>
 	<li><a href="http://pantis.infeline.org/mlaunch/">mlaunch</a><br>
 		TV and remote control MPlayer frontend by Anton Ragnarsson</li>
 	<li><a href="http://home.freeuk.com/tom.nealon/mplayer.html">MPlayer interface</a><br>

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