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The <=132 frame rule is only valid at MacroBlock level not at frame one.
Following it gives worse compression even with IP sequence.(B-Frames doesn't accumulate error)

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--- mplayer.1	19 Dec 2005 18:04:37 -0000	1.1182
+++ mplayer.1	24 Dec 2005 16:13:12 -0000	1.1183
@@ -6771,14 +6771,15 @@
 .B keyint=<0\-300>
 maximum interval between keyframes in frames (default: 250 or one
-keyframe every ten seconds in a 25fps movie).
-Keyframes are needed for seeking as seeking is only possible to a keyframe, but
+keyframe every ten seconds in a 25fps movie. This is recommended default for MPEG-4).
+Most codecs require regular keyframes in order to limit the accumulation of mismatch error. 
+Keyframes are also needed for seeking as seeking is only possible to a keyframe, but
 keyframes need more space than other frames, so larger numbers here mean
 slightly smaller files but less precise seeking.
 0 is equivalent to 1, which makes every frame a keyframe.
 Values >300 are not recommended as the quality might be bad depending upon
 decoder, encoder and luck.
-For a strict MPEG-1/2/4 compliance this would have to be <=132.
+It is a common for MPEG-1/2 to use values <=30.
 .B sc_threshold=<-1000000000\-1000000000>

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