[MPlayer-DOCS] CVS: main/DOCS/man/en mplayer.1,1.1186,1.1187

Guillaume Poirier docmaintainerwannabe at laposte.net
Wed Dec 28 11:05:31 CET 2005


Guillaume Poirier CVS wrote:
> CVS change done by Guillaume Poirier CVS
>  .TP
> +.B bidir_refine=<0\-4>
> +Refine the two motion vectors used in bidirectional macroblocks,
> +rather than re-using vectors from the forward and backward searches.
> +This option has no effect without B-frames.
> +.PD 0
> +.RSs
> +.IPs 0
> +Disabled (default).
> +.IPs 1\-4
> +Use a wider search (larger values are slower).

While I'm thinking about it, is it desirable not to activate this
feature by default?

I'm trying to find what could be saner defaults for lavc MPEG4, and this
option, depending on its impact on speed and quality could be one of
those (like mbd=2 and trellis) which are to be on by default.


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