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> wording

I would propose also:

> +Ultra simple & slow postprocessing filter that compresses and
> +decompresses the image at several (or \- in the case of quality
> +level 8 \- all) shifts and averages the results.
> +The difference to spp is that it actually encodes & decodes
> +each case with libavcodec-MPEG-4 while spp uses a simplified
> +intra only 8x8 DCT similar to MJPEG.

"The difference from spp" (or "The way this differs from the behaviour
of spp", or the like) "is that uspp actually" et cetera. Also,
"libavcodec MPEG-4, while" - both drop the first hyphen (for consistency
with other recent uses of the term) and insert a comma. I might also
prefer to say "whereas" instead of "while", but I don't think it's
necessarily critical in this instance.

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