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+++ codecs.xml	31 Dec 2005 00:41:35 -0000	1.73
@@ -539,26 +539,24 @@
 <title>Encoder features</title>
-  <listitem><para>Intra: all macroblock types (16x16 and 4x4 with
+  <listitem><para>Intra: all macroblock types (16x16, 8x8, and 4x4 with
     all predictions)</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>Inter P: all partitions (from 16x16 down to
   <listitem><para>Inter B: partitions from 16x16 down to 8x8
     (including SKIP/DIRECT)</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>Ratecontrol: constant quantizer, constant bitrate,
-    or multipass ABR</para></listitem>
+    single or multipass ABR, optional VBV</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>Scene cut detection</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>Adaptive B-frame placement</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>B-frames as references / arbitrary frame
+  <listitem><para>8x8 and 4x4 adaptive spatial transform</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Lossless mode</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Custom quantization matrices</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Parallel encoding of multiple slices</para></listitem>
-<title>Encoder limitations</title>
-  <listitem><para>No real RD</para></listitem>
 <sect4 id="codec-h264-whatis">

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