[MPlayer-users] pre2+dvd

Horváth István suti at nuk.teteny.elte.hu
Sat Dec 29 10:54:27 CET 2001

> >A: 409.6 V: 413.9 A-V: -4.365 ct: -4.846  1401/1401   3% 71%  5.1% 0 0 0%
> >
> >as you can see, it is almos 5 sec-s! i know the dvd playing is still alfa
> >state.
> >
> You must use -ao dxr3 with the new syncengine, it's all in the docs. 
> Sync still drifts a little (about 0.5s max).

i just tried it, but it's worst than when i did not tried with -ao dxr3!!!

sometimes now a-v sync is more than 10secs!! with nosound it is great
:))) but i want to hear the sound too :)))

i hope it will be better

best regards

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