[Mplayer-users] new mga_vid driver

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Mar 8 01:55:48 CET 2001


> > You must using it under X, or framebuffer (graphic-mode) console.
> ok, so it won't work with the normal console? Should I use instead fb?
> (it's too buggy!! :(
It's a hardware limitation. matrox cards (and others) can't show
graphic in text-mode... i hope that you can understand this.

graphic is graphic, text is text. different things.
if you really need, i can add an ascii driver to mplayer :)

just imagine matrix played in b/w using the a-z and 0-9 characters
instead of colors :)))

> > It's a driver bug, or you are using the 'normal' X instead of the
> > X-over-framebuffer version (Xxfb)
> I think I know the difference between -vo mga and -vo xmga (perhaps I
> am mixing everything up :( it's 01:40am here)
i'm speaking about X version, not mplayer driver.
mplayer is working, mga_vid is working, we are talking about framebuffer
vs X now.
probably you are using XSVGA Xserver now. It does direct access to the
vga card hardware. framebuffer console does the same. they conflicts.
so there is an Xserver version called framebuffer xserver, designed
to sit over the framebuffer driver, and access the hw through the
framebuffer driver (not directly). so no clonflicts, and no accel...

> > But, if you are running X, then why do you use mplayer/mga
> > on the console? And if you doesn't like X then why do you have
> > to switch to X??? Choose a 'platform': fbconsole or X, and don't
> > mix them, it's not ok.
> I like X .. I like console .. if I want to play an .avi in console
> while running X is because I'd like to try the performance.
performance will be exactly the same, because you are using exactly
the same driver what works in same way. Why do you expect difference???

> ok, now I get it: only X and fbconsole goes with mga, no the normal
> vga console :(

you most choose between fbconsole or X if you wanna graphic.
if you selected X, forget fbcon. if you selected fbcon, forget X.

if you selected linux, forget windows... you can't run linux and
windows at same machine at same time at full speed. they can't
access same hardware directly same time. you must run one over
the other (using vmware or sth) but it slows down it a bit.
same for X: you can use X *over* the fb (using Xxfb), but not
with direct hw access (XSVGA etc).

close this topic, please.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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